Lots of muscle to get the job done!

The other day we saw the house being delivered and today it is time for all the preparation to come to fruition.  By the end of one day what was once a foundation will now come together as a home.

This is truly the exciting part!  Typically the modules will arrive late in the afternoon on one day and be “set” on the foundation the very next day.  Let’s see what happens on the set day.

Normally the first people on the job site are the Set Crew.  This crew of men work within a very narrow and specialized part of construction.  Honestly, the Set Crew performs an extremely vital part of the process.  Their attention to detail and accuracy is important.

Using a series of job specific tools and equipment the Set Crew will with the help of the Heavy Crane hoist the modules up and into their permanent place on the foundation.  Vermont Modular uses only highly skilled Set Crews to get the job done right.

Just after the Set Crew arrives on the job you will first hear then see the Heavy Crane come down the road.  This is one huge piece of equipment!  It is unquestionably the largest and heaviest piece of equipment on the entire job.  Many people think the concrete trucks are heavy and they are, but the crane is almost twice as heavy.  Hint – don’t stick your big toe out under the tire!

After the better part of an hour the crane will be all set up and positioned.  Then the excitement begins.  Using cables the crane will hoist the modules up to their permanent place on the foundation.  Although modules vary greatly in size and weight it is very common for an ordinary module to weigh as much as 35,000 pounds.  Larger and wider modules will weigh upwards of 50,000 pounds.  Probably the heaviest modules we have ever worked with was part of an apartment building in Sough Burlington, they weighed almost 60,000 each and there were eight modules.  See why it is so important to have a size appropriate Heavy Crane!

It really does take a lot of muscle to get the job done.

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