Make yourself at home............., clean my kitchen

All the time we get asked, “….what makes some homes so much more beautiful than others?”  Or, what makes one house simply “Pop” and others …….., well, not so much.

There are basically three things that can change the most ordinary house into a beautiful home; first the kitchen, second the bathroom, and third the floor coverings.  In a close fourth is lighting.  So in the next few days we will look at these four things.

As you already know we have introduced our brand new website,  Built into the new website are numerous features that perhaps you haven’t found just yet.  For example, at you can work with our amazing Kitchen counter top tool.  Go take a look and see what you can do.  Over on the left hand side is a set of “Drop-Downs” that list seventeen counter top colors.  Click on the arrow and select one of the colors – then sit back and see what happens.  NO, I am not going to tell you, that would be the same as telling you how “…the movie ends.”

When everyone goes into a lumber yard or big box store to see counter top colors there are all the little chips of color.  Egad, that’s difficult to see how it will look in your kitchen.  So, the ever  brilliant IT Director and Marketing Director Blaine set about to create the counter top viewer tool.  He’s the tech genius and I’m the one that is amazed and says,  “….how did you do that?”

Yup, on our website there are lots of tools to help you and the kitchen tool is just one of many that will make your new home so beautiful as compared to the others.

Let us know what you want to see next.

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