More about how things are built

Yesterday we started talking about how things are actually built in your new home.  We talked about dimensional lumber, On-center, Sheets of plywood, and joists.  We have enough to actually start building but first…….., a couple new things; what is a

  • Floor deck – the floor deck of a newly built home is the combination of floor joists (remember them) and sheets of plywood. But first……………..:
  • Perimeter band – the perimeter band is dimensional lumber standing on its side and running lengthwise all the way around the perimeter of the building.  Typically there are two pieces of lumber glued and nailed together.  Floor joists are attached to the perimeter band.  Sheets of plywood will be glued and nailed to the top of the floor joist.
  • Center carrying beam – this is fairly self-explanatory.  The center carrying beam is a large beam at the center of the house and it runs perpendicular to the floor joists and it holds up one end of a floor joist while the other end is attached to the perimeter band.
  • Floor Deck – once the perimeter band and floor joists are all assembled the sheets of plywood are glued and nailed to the tops of the floor joists.  Now you have built the floor deck.  The floor deck serves several purposes; it is obviously the floor for the first floor of the new home.  It is also the base upon which all the rest of the house rests.  The floor deck is a vital and integral structural part of each home.
  • Block Bridging - Look carefully at today’s photograph and you will see that you are looking up at floor joists with the sheets of plywood sitting on top.  This picture is taken from the basement looking upward, so this is the bottom side of the floor deck.  The row of dimensional lumber that runs from left to right is NOT the center carrying beam.  Those blocks of lumber are glued and nailed in place half way between the perimeter band and the center carrying beam, they lock the floor joists together, this greatly increases the stability and strength of the entire floor system.  Their real name is “Block Bridging” and all quality built homes have this.

Stay tuned – more tomorrow, we just might mention glue.  Very exciting.

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