Moving on to the garage, now that the porch is done.

Last week we saw that the work on the front porch was finished.  With that particular job it was less costly for the homeowner to have the porch built locally; that’s why you got a chance to see the porch being done.

In today’s photograph we can see the men busily building what will become an oversize two car garage.  The connection between the house and the garage in this case uses a separate entry room which many Vermonters refer to as their Mud Room.  Yes, we will talk about the mud room but today’s topic is the garage.

As you can see from the picture the walls have all be built and stood in place.  At the bottom you can see the Pressure Treated Sill Plate and the vertical studs.  The roof is currently being built using roof trusses that came from a local lumber yard.  Those trusses were designed and built by the lumber yard that then delivered them with their “boom truck” which helped hoist them up to sit on top of the garage walls.  Since we had the roof trusses custom built for our job we had the garage’s roof pitch match the modular home’s roof.  Also, the snow load for the roof was fully calculated and the trusses built accordingly; this way we know the garage is well built and will easily withstand a harsh Vermont winter.

It is difficult to tell from the picture but the garage’s roof trusses’ were designed to accommodate storage up above the garage.  Roof trusses can be built for – 1) storage, 2) living space, and 3) non-storage.  This particular garage’s storage area is accessed with a “Pull Down Set of Stairs” that are great for garages as they use very little space.

The next step in building this garage is to install the roof sheathing using Sheets of OSB sheathing.  On top of the sheathing we installed a layer of Felt Paper to protect the sheathing and then roof shingles to match the modular home.

The siding for the garage is identical to what is on the main body of the home.  The end result is a complete Custom Built home and garage that is 100% unique and exactly the way the homeowner wanted.  Does it get any better?  NO!

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