Not quite a barn raising but..........................

There are many stories and videos of Barn Raising.  One YouTube there are several where an entire barn, an enormous barn is completely built in ten hours; these videos are fascinating.

We are not suggesting that you build your new home in the same fashion as is done with a Barn Raising.  However, the concepts are virtually identical.

In a classical Barn Raising walls are built on the floor then raised up into position.  Most times that process is duplicated in building residential homes.  It is a very common practice with modular homes.  In the plant walls and partitions are built separately then assembled on The Floor Deck

Typically a wall or partition will be built and portions of the sheathing are installed on the wall prior to it being assembled on The Floor Deck.  The point of all this is to increase Productivity while preserving traditional building concepts that create quality built homes.

When your new home is built, or Raised, all that happens inside away from the harsh weather that can happen out on a conventional job site. 

The Amish and American settlers may have had a real clever idea.  In a Barn Raising the point is to have the building up and secure from the weather in as short a time as possible.  There was always a huge sense of Urgency when building a barn.  The barn urgency isn’t there when building a modular.  However, productivity is one of the most significant aspects of a modular home.

If we look back into history we will find that barns were built by entire communities and were built with that huge sense of Urgency.  The same community might take a long time to build their church; somehow the urgent need was different.

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