Now that it is getting to look more like winter.................

Over the next couple days I’ll try to point out a couple easy things that you can do to improve on the Energy Efficiency of your home.  Today’s big tip deals with your thermostat.

Like so many things there are numerous types of Thermostats.

  • Smart Thermostat – these are the thermostats that typically are controlled via your smart phone and can easily control all aspects of heat and air conditioning.
  • Conventional Programmable Thermostat – these are the ones that you make settings right at the thermostat for either heat or AC.  Your settings take control at various times of day that suit your life style. 

The whole idea behind the programmable thermostat is that it adjusts the heat either upward or downward depending on whether you are there or not in a particular room.  There are all kinds of sensors that control temperatures.  Controlling the temperatures is what will eventually reduce your energy costs.

So when you take a look at thermostats read carefully what it will do for you and weigh that against its cost.  So many of the upper end thermostats are exceedingly cool because of their technological gadgetry; but ask yourself, “….do you need an email telling you the temperature was lowered by 4 degrees.”  Looking at the thermostat shouldn’t be an adventure looking for The Cool Factor.  It might want to simply serve you well and save you money.

Throughout our Winterizing Blog series we are stressing that whatever it is you do it must make a significant improvement and be cheap.  Having little lights flash, sending emails, and calling your cell phone just might be a tad over the top.

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