Oh wait a minute……., there’s more that’s all done.

Last Friday we showed you a photograph of a beautiful home that was 100% finished.  Well, today we have another finished home for you to look at.

Those of you that have been following the story will see that this is the home where we watched the guys build the porch.  Remember, we watched The Genie Lift help the men be more productive.  We also watched the trim, soffit, fascia, and ceiling all be installed on the front porch.

In today’s photograph you will see that the garage is all done, the porch is finished, and a standing seam metal roof has been installed. 

Look carefully under the porch, you will see short “legs” that hold up the porch.  Those short legs are sitting on top of Pre-Cast concrete forms that are buried in the ground below the frost level.  This insures that the porch will be strong and secure for a very long time!

The metal Standing Seam Roof has been fully installed and honestly it beautiful!  Yes, this type of roof costs more but can create a fantastic sense of “Curb-Appeal.”

Take a look at the pitch of the roof on the main body of the house, it is a 7/12 pitch, then look at the garage roof, it is a 12/12 pitch, and lastly look at the front porch’s roof it is a 5/12.  These varied and unique roof pitches greatly add to the classic lines of this home.  It is beautiful home and has a projected life span of more than 100 years.  Well, the insurance company tells us that which is surely a comforting thought.

And just think, you got to watch it being built.  Stay tuned tomorrow, we have another surprise for you.

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