Ok, it is time for us to actually get going with our projects!

As we all know yesterday was Election Day and today is the day that we all, and I mean everyone, needs to go and put on your big boy pants or big girl pants and get back to working on what needs to get done.  All the distractions are over!

For the past couple weeks we’ve been looking at Cold Air Penetration that occurs in the basement.  Don’t forget that the cold air can enter the house upstairs also.  Here are a couple things that you should look at:

  1. Weather Striping around doors.  Take a long look at your exterior doors, is there a gap between the door and the house?  Or, is there some sort of weather strip around the door that seals it shut?  Weather stripping can be bought at any lumber yard and is cheap but, it will make a significant help in keeping your house warm this winter.
  2. Windows, 90% of the time it isn’t necessary to replace your windows however, it might be a good time to make sure everything fits tightly.  Again, weather stipping around windows can easily be done for very little money; we suggest you start with the really bad ones and do some each year.  (if you windows look like today’s picture you might want to re-think your plans)
  3. Storm Doors are an option and will make a big improvement for a lot less cost than replacing the front door.  A good storm door can be had for a couple hundred bucks whereas if you were to replace the entire door it will run you two to three times as much.  Don’t forget, we want to make a big improvement for CHEAP.  By the way, today’s picture shows a door that could benefit from a Storm Door.

Let us know what you get done.

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