OK! So what happens next?

For a couple days we have been looking at Septic Tanks but, what happens after the septic tank?  Where does all that “stuff” go?  The old saying/adage about it only flows downhill is 100% true.  The cheapest system is one that is gravity fed.  Or, it is where the effluent leaves the tank and flows downhill into the leach field.

Today’s photograph shows two tanks.  The first one (towards the back of the picture) is the actual Septic Tank; the second tank (closest to the camera) is a pumping station.  The effluent in the septic tank flows downhill into the pumping station.  As the second tank fills the pumps will come on automatically and pump the effluent on to the leach field.  We will talk about leach fields tomorrow.

The pumping station is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a concrete tank with a pump in it that is automatically turned on by a series of float switches.  It turns on and pumps the sewage out to the leach field.  When the tank is getting towards empty the pumps turn off and the cycle starts all over again.

The green lids are access doors that allow work to be performed on either the septic tank or the pumping station.  When you hear of people having their “….septic system pumped out” they are talking about having the sludge in the first tank removed.

The pumping station has a mechanical pump inside and sooner or later will require repairs; hopefully much later rather than sooner. 

Isn’t all this exciting?  Well maybe not but just think how important a properly working septic system is to you and your family!  It may not be pretty but it sure is important. 

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