One last type of foundation

So far we’ve talked about Poured Reinforced Concrete foundations and the ICF wall.  Both are popular and both have unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.  By the way, the Poured Reinforced wall is the more popular of the two;  ICF walls are popular but are more expensive

The remaining wall is the concept of a lPrecast Concrete wall.  All of us at one point or another have seen huge pieces of concrete “things” on trucks going somewhere to become something.  (how’s that for being vague)  Many of the huge parking garages are all built using precast concrete pieces and parts.  Huge bridges are built using precast concrete.

Vermont Modular Homes believes 100% in building things in a factory and then bringing it onsite.  We believe in Modular Homes.  It is then very easy for us to see how a Precast Foundation is a fantastic idea!

There are several manufacturers of precast foundation walls, all with their own unique methods of producing their product. 

When walls or portions of a wall are formed in the factory it is easier to assure clients that the consistency of the concrete is more uniform and each manufacturer has its own features that make them “The Best” available.  Some walls come already insulated; this eliminates further work to be done on-site.

There is one huge disadvantage to using precast walls.  Since we are talking about big pieces of concrete they obviously weigh a lot and unless we are relatively close to the factory the added cost of shipment can be prohibitive.   This one factor is why we don’t see a lot of precast foundation walls here in northern Vermont.

Anyone want to start a factory?

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