One more thing about new appliances and it’s important!

Here is a terrific suggestion for one of your biggest energy hog appliances.  Your clothes dryer consumes huge amounts of electricity and is so inefficient.  Think about what the dryer does; it pumps hot air into and through wet laundry forcing the water to evaporate and then promptly pumps that warm humid air outside.  A clothes dryer wastes 100% of the energy it uses as it forces the hot air outside.

In many ways a clothes dryer is the same as your furnace that heats the air then pumps it outside.  That of course makes no sense what so ever!

Up until now there has never been an efficient dryer whether it is electric or gas; they waste all the energy.

Today’s technology has created a brand new concept to dryers.  The newest dryers are Energy Star rated and are efficient.  Today’s new dryers have three huge advantages:

  1. First – the new dryers are all powered by Heat Pumps that instead of creating heat they create “dry-air” that then extracts the moisture from the clothes and then the dryer piddles the water into the septic.  Think about it; in the summer your air conditioner removes moisture from the air and that is a heat pump/air conditioner.  The exact same principle is used with a Heat Pump Dryer.  The clothes go in wet and come out dry.
  2. Second – since the dry air is recirculated back into the dryer there is no need for the HUGE hole in the side of your house for the dryer’s exhaust.  The only thing that is thrown away is the water in the clothes as they dry; that water can either be collected in a small container or piped directly into the septic/sewer.  These dryers are Ventless.
  3. Third – Heat Pump dryers are Energy Star appliances and qualify for Energy Rebates.  Yup, you will receive money back if you purchase a Heat Pump Ventless dryer.

Check out a Ventless Heat Pump Dryer; it is a fantastic idea.

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