This is the one you want. It costs less

The other day we looked at Perc Tests and septic tanks followed by a conversation about Mound Systems for your septic.  Today let’s look at the Conventional In-Ground Septic System.  Yes, if you can this is the one you’d rather have.

There are two major factors that need to be in play for you to have a conventional in-ground septic system.

  1. Down Hill – don’t forget that the effluent only flows down-hill; the stuff never goes up-hill.  The Leach Field for a conventional in-ground septic system needs to be down-hill from the septic tank so that it can flow by gravity out into the leach field.
  2. Soil Types – this is the big factor that honestly you have no control over.  The state of Vermont has stablished a strict set of environmental rules and regulations that govern the installation of septic systems.  We have already talked about soil types and how they impact your Perc Test.

Therefore, if you have a gentle slope downward and the proper types of soil that allow water to percolate into the earth within the designated time frame, then you are lucky enough to be eligible for an In-Ground Conventional Septic.  And, you of course want to know why this is such a good deal?  It all boils down to one word – money.  Conventional septic systems will cost you far less than a Mound system; we are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars less.

Mound systems are not to be feared for avoided; all you need to know is that they will cost you significantly more to install. 

Both systems will work and perform well.

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