The other half of our secret. Don’t tell anyone!

The other day we talking about The Secret Method to making sure you had a dry basement.  And, as I feared might happen – someone blabbed and told the world of our secret about how Perimeter Drains keep everything dry.

OK, here’s the other half of the Dry Basement Secret.  And please this time let’s keep all the good news to ourselves. 

Look carefully at today’s photograph and you will see one gentleman down in the basement cellar hole spraying black stuff on the Poured Reinforced Concrete wall.  That black stuff is actually a form of Hot Black Tar that is being sprayed on the outside of the foundation.  The Tar provides a water proof surface on the concrete.  Remember we talked about how water will seek the Path of Least Resistance which is almost always straight down.  So in this scenario we are taking one additional step to insure a dry basement by water proofing the outside of the concrete wall.  If for some weird reason the water did want to go through the wall it would be a lot easier for that water to simply continue going on downward.

Take a look, at the bottom of the wall are the footings that support the weight of the entire building.  In this photograph the Perimeter Drains have not been installed yet.  Those perimeter drains will run horizontally on the outside of the footings. 

Concrete wall Tar can be applied in many different ways.  Today’s picture shows it being sprayed on.  Also the tar can come in 5 gallon buckets and applied with a scrub-brush like brush on a long handle.  That gets the tar on the foundation and if there is a way you can avoid having to do that job it would be a wonderful thing.  Somehow the tar manages to get all over everything and everyone.  Nasty job!

So, the Big Secret is a combination of Perimeter Drains and Tar.  Don’t tell.

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