Over the weekend we can get a lot done on our new house!

It’s Friday and time to plan the work schedule for our weekend.  If you are going to be doing a lot of the work yourself – today is the perfect time to stock up on Hot Dogs and Beer.  Let’s face it; if friends and family are coming to help tomorrow they need to be fed and have refreshment.  The weather forecast for the weekend is just great.

Seriously, virtually every home from Vermont Modular is purchased because the homeowners invest time and effort in their project.  Obviously, that can only save you a lot of money!  We like to think a home from Vermont Modular represents a fantastic value!

In today’s photograph you are looking at the second floor of an unfinished or Expandable Cape Cod home.  The homeowner was able to save a lot of money by finishing the second floor himself with the help of family and friends; that’s why you need the hot dogs and beer.  We encourage you to look more carefully at this project at https://www.vermontmodularhomes.com/portfolio/brookview-cape

All of the building terminology and procedures will apply to finishing this home.  The carpenter in today’s photograph and his ladder are standing on The Floor Deck of the second floor that has the Sheets of OSB already installed. 

The vertical walls all are built with studs that are on top of their Bottom Plate.  In this example the studs are called Knee Walls.  A Knee Wall is a shorter wall that is part of a typical second floor of a Cape Cod.  They help hold up the Roof Rafters.

At the far end you can clearly see the bottom plates, studs, jack studs, and top plates.  It is all conventional construction using Common Practice techniques.

A modular home is a conventionally built home that incorporates modern construction practices.  But, the enormous advantage is that the home is built inside in a controlled environment.  It truly is a superior home!

Unfortunately this story ends on a sad note.  About a month ago the home in today’s photographs caught fire and was destroyed, no one was hurt. 

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