People forget about this type of condensation!

We have been talking about how the foundation can sweat and cause water to collect in the basement, especially during the high heat of summer.  Oh wait a minute, that would be today and the past couple days, it has been really hot and humid.

But, there is yet another culprit of condensing moisture.  Actually there are several more but we will talk about only one more today.  I have got to leave something to talk about on Monday, right?  Right!

Most of you have water that comes into your home from a deep well.  It is very common for wells to be in the hundreds of feet deep.  That cold water from deep in your well is pumped into the house for all kinds of uses such as drinking, cooking, bathing, and laundry.

How many times have you gone down in the basement and seen the pipes sweating?  The water inside your pipes is cold and it causes condensation of dense humid air to form on the outside of the pipe.  This is the identical scenario as when the concrete walls sweat.  There is a big COLD surface that causes warm/hot humid air to condense.

That condensation then causes a problem because it is water inside the house in areas where you don’t want it.  How about the puddle behind the toilet?  That is the cold water in the toilet tank sweating.  No!  No one missed and made a mess; it’s all about condensation.

Toilet tanks get lined with foam to prevent the sweating.  Cold water pipes get insulated to prevent them from sweating.  Everyone thinks you insulate the HOT water pipes but, no it is far better to insulate the cold water pipes to prevent water dripping and dripping and dripping until it makes a mess.  Remember that mess can easily be inside a wall where no one sees it until mold and mildew start to grow.

Solution – insulate your cold water pipes.  After that, go swimming because it is so hot out.  Have a good weekend!

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