Product Guide

Today’s blog is a tad different than the others. We just received our brand new 2016 Product Guide that shows all of the various features and upgrades that are available.

Lately we’ve been talking about upscale items for the kitchen and bathroom.  The vast majority of these items are all available and shown in the product guide.  There are pictures, specifications, colors, features, and all sorts of very cool information.

Oh come on!  You know that you would love to have a copy and we are positive it would be fun to send it out to you.  Just think you get more than fifty pages of cool things to look at and dream.  You know we are big on dreaming and this Product Guide is just the ticket.

Typically we like to send this out to those that either correctly answer the $64,000 question or preferably send in $64,000 for just one copy.  But if you really want one we will gladly send it out for free.  Yup, free!  Zip, zilch, nadda even one penny.

Seriously, if you would like an electronic copy of the Product Guide just let us know and it will be on its way to you.  To make it even more exciting the shipping is included within the free price.  How cool is that!

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