Progress continues, the porch nears completion

Yesterday we saw a Genie Lift being used as a valuable tool while working on the site-built porch.  In today’s photograph the porch is nearing completion.

All of the roof’s framing and the outline of the trim is all done.  The ceiling was finished using vinyl so that the owners wouldn’t have any maintenance.  Much of the trim will be built using manufactured material such as Boral.

Many times when working on a house we use man manufactured materials rather than natural products.  Boral is a brand of Polymer lumber completely made of “plastic.”  There are times when manufactured goods are superior.

For example, almost all of the plumbing pipes in a modern home are made of polymers and most construction projects have moved away from copper in favor of the PEX tubing.  PEX is a brand just like Boral but we mention it as an example of man-made plastic tubing rather than copper.

As you are aware the majority of new homes today are clad with Vinyl Siding, again a man-made product that is virtually maintenance free.  Granted it is a good idea to rinse off Vinyl siding every couple years but compared to painting and/or staining it is almost maintenance free. 

Oh, did we mention that many of the man-made products in addition to being maintenance free are also less expensive.  Did we mention that many of the modern maintenance free products are also gentler to our environment. 

In previous blogs we have talked about the use of OSB vs. plywood and the use of manufactured wood that is “Finger Jointed” as being far more environmentally sound.

But for now, progress continues on our porch, what a great place to enjoy life.

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