Recessed ceiling lights

One of the more popular ideas for a new home is recessed lighting.  Typically there is a “can” that is installed in or through the ceiling and up inside the can is a light.

The beauty of recessed lighting is that the source of the light isn’t highly visible.  With recessed lights it create a unique feel within a room and that has become very popular for all kinds of styles of homes.

For those of you that read our blog often you know we are always talking about Energy Efficiency.  In today’s blog we are not going to talk about the efficiency of the “light bulb” that is up in the recessed can.  Oh, what the heck, I can’t resist the opportunity to mention that using LED bulbs will save so much energy.  LED bulbs are far more environmentally sound, they do not contain lead like the Compact Fluorescent bulbs and use a small fraction as much energy.

But, back to recessed can fixtures.  Every time you install a recessed light there is a hole in the “building envelope.”  It really is very simple, a circular hole must be cut in the ceiling and in that hole, the electrician will install a recessed can fixture.  Doesn’t that sound simple?  Well………, no!

Every time a hole is cut in the building envelope it almost always becomes a Path for Heat Loss.  Typically what happens is that the “Insulation Guy” neglects to put extra insulation on top of the recessed can; that leaves an easy pathway for heat to escape.  At several Energy workshops we were advised to never install recessed can fixtures for the energy loss reason.


Joke of the day……………………

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Answer – because he is a ruler.  

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