Is Santa bringing you new appliances?

In yesterday’s blog post we talked about Energy Star appliances and how they can save a lot.  Not only are Energy Star appliances goof for your pocketbook but they are far better for our environment because they consume LESS ENERGY.

Are you curious how today’s photograph shows you new appliances?  Perhaps we are going to talk about appliances that are in the bathroom.  Huge amounts of energy and environmental impact come from your bathroom by:

  1. Water consumption – in older homes, perhaps Grandma’s house, a typical toilet used 3½ gallons of water per flush.  Today’s water saver toilets use 1.6 gallons or less than one-half the amount of water.  Using less water is a huge environmental problem; talk with family and friends that live in California and ask them how important water is or how about the water used in Las Vegas or for that matter many if not most cities out-west where water is a precious commodity.  Using less water also cuts down on the volume of affluent that will need to be treated.  How we work with sewage is one of today’s larger environmental concerns; your water saver toilet is helping!
  2. Hot Water – one of the largest consumers of household energy is your Hot Water Heater and much of the water using in your house is in the bathroom.  Did you know that virtually every faucet, shower, and tub are all “Low Flow” faucets?  The volume of water passing through a modern faucet is greatly restricted?  The restrictions on water flow goes back to preserving the precious commodity of water while at the same time cutting back on the amount of sewage.
  3. Water usage – remember every drop of water you use in the bathroom is potable water that has been purified so that it can be used as drinking water.  The same water you use in the toilet is the same water you use for cooking, drinking, and bathing.  Here in America we take clean water for granted whereas in many corners of the world millions of people drink, cook, and bathe in water is we would consider sewage.  We need to take care of our environment, use less and pollute less!

What goes on in your bathroom is important to the household Energy Consumption and your home’s environmental impact.

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