Santa might get you new appliances….

This time of year it seems as though we are deluged with advertising that tells us this is the right time of year to purchase new appliances.  Well, it just might be the right time.

So when you are looking for those wonderful appliances that make life easier make sure you are always looking at appliance that are Energy Star rated.  The difference between an Energy Star appliance and one that is not rated can cost you hundreds of dollars more each year.

One of the highest energy hogs in your home is the Hot Water Heater.  In today’s blog I’ll point out one Big Tip that can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year; another big tip will come tomorrow.

Take the time to look for a hot water heater that is Energy Star Rated and on each appliance will be the Energy Guide for that particular appliance.  Today’s photograph is graphic proof that Energy Star appliances are better!

The typical Electric Hot Water heater is usually an insulated tank that holds 40 gallons of hot water and the Energy Guide on the side of the tank normally says it will cost $550 each year to use the hot water heater.  The science behind the heater is simple; at the bottom of the tank is a resistance rod that gets hot as electricity passes through it.  It works fine but is expensive to operate.

The photograph in today’s blog comes of a Heat Pump Hot Water heater that is currently being used in South Burlington.  This is a real working hot water heater and as you can see it costs $155 for the year.  That turns into a Monthly Savings of $32.92 every month.  Or, if you want to see big numbers that water heater will save you roughly $4,000 over the life of the water heater.

So, next time you talk with Santa let him know you want Energy Star appliances and if you’re in the market for a hot water heater get one that is a Heat Pump Hot Water Heater.

Merry Christmas!

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