Sealing windows

The other day we talked about House Wrap and the various types of House Wrap.  One of the more important aspects of installing House Wrap and sealing up the house is the use of Tape.  We’ve talked about the rubberized type that is used to seal joints of sheathing, remember that was the Black Tape on the Green sheathing.  That tape seals shut those areas where Cold Air might Penetrate into the building.

Take a look at today’s photograph and you will see that around each window there is a weather seal TAPE that on one side covers up the window flange and the other side is stuck to the house.  This tape which has many names and brands has now effectively sealed the window to the sheathing of the house.  This way neither air nor moisture can penetrate the building envelope.  The Rubberized tape is super-sticky on the back and that sticky part is covered with a wax-paper type of paper so that it doesn’t stick to anything.  As the tape is being applied to the house that wax-paper is removed so that the tape will stick to the building.

Every window has a nailing flange that runs around the perimeter of the window; this is what allows the builders to permanently attach the window to the house.  The tape adheres to the House Wrap and covers the nailing flange creating a well-sealed window installation.

By the way, this is done with exterior doors as well.

The piece of tape that runs across the bottom of the window covers the window’s nailing flange but most of the tape is NOT stuck to the house wrap and many times homeowners are confused why.  A portion, roughly half of the width of the water proof tape is not stuck to the House Wrap.  Remember the Wax-Paper that keeps it from sticking; well much of that remains on the tape but only on the bottom of the window.  As the siding is being installed the wax-paper is removed and the tape extends to the outer edge of the siding so that no water/rain can get behind the siding.  It may be a tiny detail but it is important and sets a quality job apart from an ordinary job.


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