Site work is next! Extremely important

Work on our new home continues.  So far we have built the foundation, installed the Perimeter Drains, and now it is time for “The Bulldozer Guy” to weave his magic and do all of the site work.

There are those that will contend the Bulldozer Guy is one of the most important people on the entire job.  After all, his work of grading and shaping the property will in all likelihood never change.  Today’s photograph shows a project that is currently in progress in Chittenden County Vermont.  In a very short period of time it is difficult to actually remember how this property looked when the excavator first started. 

As you can easily see the driveway is installed and its shape and configuration is already established.  It is highly doubtful whether the owner will ever go back and have the layout for the driveway done again.  That is why we mention the importance of having the excavator that can turn your dream vision into reality.

For years I have always thought that excavators are half technician, they know how to efficiently operate the machines their other half is that of an artist.

I vividly remember visiting a job site in Grand Isle where the excavator was sitting on a pile of dirt drinking coffee; that cup of coffee took almost an hour.  I specifically asked, “….Marty, what are you doing?  Shouldn’t you get to work?”  His answer was that he was creating the finished landscaping in his head and painting a mental picture.  Needless to say the job turned out to be an incredibly beautiful job.  Unfortunately, he has passed away but, his work remains as a testament to talent that is greatly appreciated by the homeowners.

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