So, what did you accomplish last weekend?

Today (Tuesday, 11/8) it is a spectacular day, it is 61 degrees, the sun is shining, and it is Election Day.  Oh…………….., at this time tomorrow the sun will rise, the sun will set, and life will go on without political campaigning.  See, there is something to look forward to.

So, last weekend, were you able to tackle any of our suggested ideas to winterize your home?  For example, did you –

  1. Close the basement windows?
  2. Put insulation over the basement windows?
  3. Think about replacing the basement windows?
  4. Cover up the basement drain?
  5. Cover over the huge hole under the bathroom tub?
  6. Shut the basement door?

Last week we asked if you were accomplishing your winterizing tasks to send us pictures of your work.  So far no one has sent in anything.  Does this mean you aren’t doing anything yet or you don’t want to share you trade secrets?

Here’s a huge tip that will help you throughout all of your winterizing tasks.  There are a lot of tools that builders use; things like hammers, saws, levels, and so on.  For winterizing your home the MOST important tool is a Foam Gun.  (pssst, don’t tell everyone)  This is our Top Secret tool of choice.  The GUN part of the tool is in today picture, it is the part is the installer’s hand and screwed to the top of the gun is a can of spray foam. 

This foam gun tool is different than the typical can of foam that’s available at the hardware store.  The actual gun part can be used and re-used many times; the only thing that gets replaced is the can of foam.  This method is so much less expensive.  Remember one of our goals is to be CHEAP.

Most quality hardware stores and lumber yards will carry the Foam Gun as a part of a kit, it should cost you about $75 but in the end is a lot less.

Let us know how it goes.

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