Solar Power in 2016

Over the past weekend I was reading a very detailed and thorough article about Solar Power around the country.  As many of you know Congress has renewed the Tax Credits through 2021, a five year extension.  This is terrific news.

The truly unfortunate part of the Solar Story is that all across the country many of the states are cutting back on their support for Solar Power, state Utility Commissions are buckling under the huge pressure exerted by the Utilities as they mount a campaign to reduce Solar Power as they see it as a threat to their retail sales of electricity.

In addition to state cutting back the whole issue of “Net-Metering” comes into the picture.  Net-Metering is the states’ laws that govern how much Electric Utilities must pay for the locally generated Solar Power.  The power companies are allowed to stop “buying Solar Power” when it reaches 15% of their total usage.  Most power companies have already reached that threshold and are no longer buying the Solar Power generated locally.  Let’s face it; Solar Power is a genuine threat to the profit of power companies!

But, and it is a HUGE but.  The one single exception to this nation-wide trend is our corner of the world, Vermont.  As of today Vermont is the one and only state that is strongly supporting Solar Power.  Further, our state’s largest Electric Utility, Green Mountain Power, is the ONLY significant power utility that has pledged to continue buying locally generated Solar Power above and beyond the 15% cut off.

Once again it is truly a pleasure to live in Vermont where “The Right Thing” does make a difference.  Good for us!

Today’s photograph is a Vermont Modular home with Solar Panels.

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