Speaking of summer heat and condensation……

As you know we’ve been talking about how cold things such as foundation walls, soda, and beer all “sweat” during the summer heat.

I am sure all of you have seen a window air conditioner that is dripping water out the back of the AC unit.  That water is the moisture has condensed from the air conditioner.  The one I have at my house has been ardently working in the recent heat, there’s usually a puddle under the air conditioner.

Vermont Modular is encouraging homeowners to use Cold Climate Heat Pumps to both heat and Air Condition your home at a fraction of the cost of conventional heating.

Super-efficient COLD CLIMATE heat pumps work effectively in Sub-Zero temperatures and during the summer months they will work in reverse to efficiently cool your home.

A Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP) is a cost effective alternative to all kinds of fossil fuel heating systems.  All the research says that a CCHP is more cost effective than heating oil, propane, or resistance electric. 

PLUS, don’t forget that you get summer Air Conditioning as an added bonus.

For most Vermonters we would like to let you know that Green Mountain Power has special promotional programs for CCHP’s.  Call GMP and see about having your CCHP installed for FREE.  They can explain their programs so I’ll leave it to them but it is a great idea.

Advanced technology is fantastic and this is just one example of modern technology working for us.

Stay Warm.

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