Switch Plate Covers

In every room of your home you have outlet covers, many look exactly the same as today’s photograph.  Don’t forget that there are covers for other things than outlets.3

  • Outlet covers – this is where you plug things in
  • Switch plate covers –
  • TV outlets – there are probably more of these than you think
  • USB outlets – newer homes have USB outlets
  • Phone – don’t forget the landline phone outlet

Go around the house and start counting, YES, there are a lot of these plastic covers, far more than you ever imagined.

Each and every one can be a source of Cold Air Penetration.  Remember there is a hole cut in the sheetrock to allow the electrical connection and far too many times that hole is not properly sealed shut.  Behind the sheetrock the air is colder than out in the room.  The difference in air temperatures causes the air to move and virtually every time there is air movement it involves Cold Air Penetration.

We have all put our hand next to the outlet during the bitter cold of winter and asked ourselves, “….where is all that cold air coming from?” 

All the hardware stores and big box stores carry a variety of switch plate covers that are specifically designed to stop the air movement; usually with the use of a small piece of foam that stops the air from moving.

Something as simple as changing the switch plate covers and make a significant improvement and still be quite CHEAP.  Remember, we are after improvement without spending a lot of money; a.k.a. cheap.

Who knows, maybe the switch plate covers are on sale, after all this is black Friday.

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