There are all kinds of bathrooms!

Yesterday we talked about beautiful kitchens and how they contribute greatly to the overall “Curb-appeal” of a home; it is the wow-factor that we are talking about.

Right after the kitchen the bathroom is the room that contributes greatly to the whole picture of a beautiful home.

As you can see from today’s picture there are all kinds of bathrooms from fairly basic to truly lavish.  In today’s picture not much was invested in making the bathroom beautiful, it’s really difficult to imagine brushing your teeth in the morning at that sink.  Yuck!

Did you know that the bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house?  Many times people are bare footed and often water has spilled on the floor making for a slippery surface that far too often can cause people to fall.  Falling in the bathroom is uniquely problematic as there are hard porcelain things to hit your head on.  So, when you design a bathroom never lose sight of safety.

Today’s modern bathroom typically starts with heated floors, designer colors, and fixtures that cater to particular age groups.  The commode where a toddler potty trained is vastly different from what an adult wants!  Senior citizens also have an array of unique needs.

In previous blogs we have talked about comfort-height toilets, grab bars, lever handles, and non-skid floors.  Think about how much only one of those items can impact a truly functional bathroom. 

Bathroom lighting is crucial.  At night when everything is dark there needs to be minimal night lights contributing to the safety of a bathroom.

As you plan your new bathroom why not include fixtures, lighting, and colors that will contribute the beauty of your second most important room of the house.  We suggest you go online and seek professional design help.  Or if you are considering a new home, we gladly help you with our design assistance.

By the way, did you know that up north in Canada its name is The Wash Room?

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