The Tub Drain lets a lot of Cold Air to enter.

Ok, so today is Halloween and probably most everyone is either putting the finishing touches on their costume or making sure there’s enough candy for tonight’s revelers. 

But, just in case you are worrying about the heating bill for the upcoming winter ….., we have a tip that will help you greatly!

Go down in the basement and look upward.  To be more specific look at “the bottom” of the bathroom; to be even more specific find the bottom of the tub.  I’ll bet the chances are overwhelming that your tub looks almost exactly the same as today’s photograph.  You are looking at:

  • The tub’s drain.  The drain has a “trap” in it that catches and holds some of the bath water to prevent sewer gas from coming into your home.
  • A medium size hole is always cut in the floor to make room for the drain.
  • The hole is cut even larger so that the plumber who will be installing the tub can reach up and work on the drain and make the necessary connections.
  • Honestly, this hole is important and your tub wouldn’t get installed without it!

The tub’s hole in the floor

  • is a HUGE hole in your home’s building envelope. 
  • It is a place where huge amounts of cold air can penetrate into the home. 
  • This hole is a huge source of heat loss

When the tub is being installed it needs to be there.  But after the installation is complete the hole should be closed off.

SOLUTION:  We are going to use rigid foam board.  You’ve seen this foam board many times; it is either Pink or Blue.  You pick the one you like and then carefully cut a piece of the foam so that it seals off the huge hole. 

When you attach the foam to the bottom of the floor it is a good idea to run a bead of caulk around the edges to make it air tight.  If you use either two or three pieces of foam board it will be a lot easier to install.  The gaps between the pieces of foam can be caulked shut and there will be a terrific seal.

The good thing is that if the plumber should ever need to work on your tub he can easily remove the foam to access the underside of the tub.  Let us know how your project turned out.  Send us a photograph of your good work, we will share with everyone.

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