Two things going on at the same time! Amazing.

For the past week or so we have been pouring footings, building foundation walls, installing pressure treated sill plates, and taking the necessary steps to guarantee a dry basement.

Did you think that was all that’s going on?  Everything is moving along at your property in preparation for the house.  While all this is going on the neighbors are watching and wondering what the new house will look like.  Various tradesmen are busily working. 

During all the work there is a lot that we need to do in our office to have the job move along nicely.  We have scheduled The Set Crew and reserved a Crane.  The Set Crew is a very specialized team of men whose sole job is to “set” the house on its new permanent foundation.  With the help of a Heavy Crane the Modules will be hoisted up and very gently set on the foundation.  A typical module is capable of easily weighing in excess of 30,000 pounds or, more than 15 tons.  It takes a Heavy Crane to handle this portion of the job.

And, as if that weren’t enough your home is actually being built in the factory all at the same time.  In today’s photograph you can see the crew building a portion of what will become a Cape Cod style home.

All the specific building techniques we have been mentioning are incorporated within your new home.  Floor Joists, roof Rafters, sheets of sheathing, insulating products, and so on are all there.  Don’t forget that the construction of your new home takes place IN-SIDE away from the weather.

At the exact moment when I am writing this article the weather report is calling for, “….Damaging Storms expected to strike the East Coast.”  Folks, the East Coast, that’s us.  Yet your new home would be INSIDE away from all those storms and truly harsh weather.  There are so many good reasons to build INSIDE.  Today’s weather is such a dramatic example and makes it so easy to see.

Be safe during these storms and have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday.  Happy Birthday America!  And, do you realize that today, July 1 is Canada Day.  Happy Birthday to our northern neighbors and friends.

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