Update from The New Vermont Modular Homes

For those of you that regularly follow this blog you will know that we consistently beat the drum of Energy Efficiency and this past couple days vividly demonstrates the need for Energy Efficiency.  It sure has been cold lately!  This coming weekend is scheduled to be quite COLD. 

We thoroughly enjoy our all but daily chats with you about all kinds of topics all dealing with home ownership, building modular homes, and simply staying in touch as we talk about Energy Efficiency and building new homes.

Now that our new web site has been launched and we are in the midst of re-branding ourselves as The New Vermont Modular we are going to take an additional approach to talking with you.

With that in mind we cordially invite all of you to join in to our mailings.  We will be communicating in a regular basis with all the folks that have shown an interest in Vermont Modular Homes.  Since this is The New Vermont Modular we are developing an entirely new mailing list and you are invited to join.

We anticipate talking about:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Introduce new homes to you with drawings and prices
  3. Innovations in building science
  4. Introduce you to new building techniques
  5. Let you know about new building products that we will be using
  6. Keep you up to date on all the new stuff here at The New Vermont Modular
  7. Provide feedback to you based on your questions and comments, we love hearing from you
  8. And all kinds of other things that will come along

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