Upgrades for your home; are they worth it?

The other day I was reading about the value of certain upgrades to your home.  Obviously there are some things that make a lot of good sense and others are simply a waste of money.

Many of us are actively thinking of selling our home so that we can move on to a new home.  In the process of getting ready to sell we all consider improving our home so it sells better and hopefully our improvements will get us a better price.

Did you know that if you remodel the kitchen it is one of the least helpful things?  For example if you completely remodel the kitchen so the house sells better; you are probably going to lose almost 36% of the money you invested.  I am thinking that is not a good idea!

But, if you invest money in attic insulation you will recover about 117% of your investment.  So, if you spend $1,000 in an upgrade to the attic insulation the value of your new home will go up to about $1,117.  Now, that is using your investment and hard earned money wisely. 

Isn’t it interesting the one of the best returns is for improving the Energy Efficiency of your new home.  Gee wiz, Vermont Modular has been talking about Energy Efficiency for years.  Maybe we knew something?  

Here’s a random thought we want to pass along because it is the first of a new month.  Did you know that mortgage rates continue to remain at record lows?  A thirty year Fixed Rate mortgage now is running about 3.66% interest and a 15 year Fixed Rate mortgage is about 2.89%.

Suggestion:  We suggest you improve your home wisely and with good sense.  Then, we suggest you sell it and move on to your Dream Home from Vermont Modular.  Take advantage of the low interest rates.

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