Upscale Bathrooms

Last week we were in and out of the kitchen looking at upscale features in design, appliances, and counter tops.  As you plan your new home remember that kitchens, bathrooms, and floor coverings are the three most looked at features!  It is these three things that set your new home apart and take it from ordinary to spectacular.  The fourth really big item is lighting.

Today it is off to the bathroom to see what’s available and looks for current trends.

First, and it seems the most important thing in the bathroom, is that it is accessible.  More than any room in the house, the bathroom is the one room that everyone wants it to be accessible; or it is a room that absolutely must work well!

If we look at those features that are in great demand it all makes sense.  The single most popular feature or fixture is the stall shower, and lately it is something that people want to be bigger.  When talking about showers there are the one piece fiberglass showers that are probably the most widely used.  The fiberglass showers come in a wide variety of sizes and designs.  We suggest you go online and look, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the huge variety.

After the fiberglass shower comes ceramic tile and now the possibilities are virtually endless as a ceramic tiled shower, whether a shower stall or a shower room, can be in any size, shape, or configuration.  Let you imagination go!  But, don’t expect this option to be cheap.

After showers comes the huge variety of toilets, commodes, privies, or chamber pots.  There are a lot of names for the ubiquitous potty/throne.  Again, go online and look around.

Lastly but still very popular are some sort of heated floors.  Yes, it is easily possible to heat the floor of just this one room all by itself.  The radiant heat in the floor is truly a wonderful feature.  Talk about being spoiled!

Have fun, the bathroom can be a valuable addition to creating an upscale part of your new home. 

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