Upscale kitchens

Yesterday we talked about keeping things cold in the kitchen and in a classy style; we looked at bigger and more specialized refrigerators, under cabinet freezers, beverage centers, and ice makers.

Today let’s see what we can do to make things warmer or even hotter.

Probably the place to begin is at the range.  Your very first basic question is - - - electric vs. gas ????  There is a clear cut winner in this category; the majority of kitchen ranges that are sold today are electric.  For the moment let’s talk about only the cook-top, we will get to ovens in a bit.  If the cook top is most apt to be electric you are still faced with another series of choices.  There are many different types of burners that fry the eggs, boil the pasta, and so on.  There is one option that we actually suggest you look at and that is Induction Burners.  An Induction burner does not directly create heat it creates magnetic fields that heat only the pan not the glass top of the stove.  Induction cooking is very fast and the part we like the most is its Energy Efficiency.  Most kitchen ranges whether they are gas or electric are very inefficient, much of the heat is wasted and not absorbed by the pot or pan whereas with Induction cooking it is only the pan that gets hot.  Induction cooking is not new, it is widely used throughout Europe and has been for years, it is gaining popularity in the US only recently.  Check it out.

Second question – what’s the configuration of your range?  Are you thinking a separate cook-top and a separate oven?  Or do you want it all in one conventional kitchen range that has both the top burners and an oven?  The latest trends are for ovens to be fueled by electric as the temperature can be more closely regulated.  Don’t despair, it you love to cook with gas that is possible.  There are ranges that are “Duel Fuel” and this means the top burners are gas and the oven is electric. 

If you decide to install a separate wall oven you will have all kinds of options.  There are single wall ovens and if you want there are two-oven versions.  The two oven version sure would make The Thanksgiving Dinner easier!

Just like there are “under the counter” freezers and beverage centers there are oven drawers and very cool warming drawers, both of which are under counter tops.

Thirdly, it seems as though every modern kitchen has the ubiquitous Microwave and they come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and power.  How about counter top microwaves, over the range microwaves, microwave drawers under the counter top, or as part of a wall oven?

Today’s modern kitchen is surely not Grandma’s kitchen!

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