Utilities can be very under-whelming until…………..

It appears as though we have finished building our new home and shown you two particular projects that are 100% finished.  And, that was a lot of fun bringing all that to you.

Today let’s start a series on the utilities that are inside your home.  These are things like the heating, air conditioning, and son on……  Today here in Vermont it is a beautiful day in the low 80’s with sunshine.  It is a beautiful day.

Many times the first thing to happen on any new home job is to drill the water well.  I can think of three basic types of water wells:

  1. Shallow well – occasionally the water table is high enough that a shallow well can supply a home with all the water it needs.  As we drive around shallow wells are fairly easy to see; there is a 3’ round pre-cast concrete cylinder in the yard somewhere and almost always the water pump is located inside the house in the basement.  These water pumps Lift the water up and out of the well.  Because of all sorts of complicated science (I am no going there) water can only be lifted 27’.  Now you know why these are called shallow wells.  (shallow water wells are not that common)
  2. Deep Drilled Wells - this is the most common type of water well.  A HUGE truck will come and drill down into the earth until they “hit” water.  The depth of the water well is never known until it is actually drilled.  The law requires that the well must be drilled deep enough so that it is in “Bed-Rock” not just loose rocks or dirt.  Normally deep drilled wells are in the hundreds of feet deep but it is a mystery until it is actually done.  In this type of well the pump is down at the bottom of the well and it “Pushes” the water up into the house; the exact opposite of a shallow well pump.
  3. Deep Wells that are not drilled but Pounded.  This style of well drilling seems to be getting more and more scares as pounding through the rock is much slower, so your well can take a much longer time to get done. 
  4. Springs – some property owners are fortunate enough to have a “Vermont Mountain Spring” on their property, this can provide a family with excellent water.
  5. Wishing wells – just like the picture.  Throw in your pennies for good luck.

Tomorrow we will continue a discussion of more utilities.

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