The very first step, let’s go dig in the dirt.

We have talked about building with Joists and center carrying beams and floor decks.  But, actually the very FIRST part of building a home comes with the excavation work.  This is where the excavator builds the driveway and prepares the building site to accommodate the new home.

Earlier today I went to visit a brand new job site for a Vermont Modular home that will be coming shortly.  Today’s photograph is of the building site here in Chittenden County of Northern Vermont. 

Most times the excavator is digging in dirt or if things are significantly bad he is in the mud.  But, today’s job site the excavator is digging in ledge rock and rock rubble.  The site for our new home is unique in that it sits on all kinds of rock.  To dig a basement hole usually takes a day or two at the most.  Digging in this rock will take more than a week.

Look carefully and you will see how the ledge rock seems to be breaking apart with the effort of the machine.  Had the rock been solid and not able to be broken apart it would have required the use of dynamite to blast the rock apart.  Yes, we have done jobs in the past where dynamite was used and we invite you to watch

Today’s job site is going to require a lot of extra work, take a lot longer, and will eventually be the site for a beautiful modern home.  We will keep you posted.

Isn’t it fun building a new home!

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