Wait a minute, what are we standing on?

Last week we built the Floor Deck by assembling floor joists, perimeter bands, and sheets of plywood.  Don’t forget that everything was glued together, a very important step!

One thing seemed to be mentioned several times and yet was not explained and that is the “stuff” we are standing on.  On top of the floor joist is a sheet of “Plywood.” 

Well, actually it probably is not plywood but rather a sheet of T & G OSB, whereupon everyone says………., What?  The T & G part is easy; that stands for Tongue and GrooveT&G lumber are milled or manufactured so that each piece slides easily and securely into the next piece; the tongue of one board slide into the groove of the next.  This insures that each is stronger by hooking together with the next one.

OSB, technically means Oriented Strand Board, this is a product where adhesives are added to strands of wood and then compressed under high pressure creating a sheet of engineered lumber.  The various stands of lumber are going in all directions and are thoroughly inter-twined with each other.  The combined strength creates a very stable and strong sheet of material.  OSB was first introduced in the early 1970’s and has rapidly grown in popularity throughout the building industry.

Plywood, is another type of manufactured or engineered wood product that comes in sheets.  It is made from thin sheets of wood veneer that are rotated 90 degrees to each other.  Because the grain of the wood rotates it is stronger.

OSB has grown in popularity because of its structural strength and cost.  The amount of “lumber product” harvested from a tree is roughly 40% greater when manufacturing OSB as compared to Dimensional Lumber and/or plywood.  OSB represents a superior product for less cost and is far more environmentally good.

Now you know what the top surface of our Floor Deck is.  We are making progress!

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