Want to know a secret?

For a couple days we have been building foundations.  It all starts with Footers and then various types of walls are built so our home can sit on top of the wall.  We looked at Poured Reinforced Concrete, ICF walls, and then Pre Cast concrete.

One thought that always comes up is, “…I don’t want water in the basement!”  Actually people get quite adamant about having their basement remain dry.  Over the years we all have seen pictures on TV of homes in the midst of a flood where the water has completely filled the basement.  YUCK!  Can you imagine.  Here in Vermont that happened a lot recently with Irene and Sandy, remember?

Today we are going to let you in on a secret trick that will 99.9% guarantee that your basement will stay dry.  Ok, we are not talking about floods.  If your home is flooded then we can only suggest a big pump.

This may sound dumb but remember rule #1.  Water always flows downhill and will always find The Past of Least Resistance.

If your home is like virtually everyone else the trick, our secret, is the proper installation of Perimeter Drains.  Take a look at today’s photograph; you are looking at flexible pipe that is perforated with holes that allow the water to get inside the pipe.  The Drainage Pipe is located next to if not below the footer. 

Your basement is a hole in the ground and water will want to seep into or flow into that hole and eventually fill it to the top.  Remember Rule #1, the water will flow downhill to the basement hole.  Do you understand how easy it is for your basement to have water in it?

Properly installed Perimeter Drains around the entire Foundation will then allow the water to run downhill away from your home.   The drains provide an easy path for the water to run away.  Remember, the water will always take the Path of Least Resistance.  A clean pipe that is slowly going downhill is an excellent path to drain the water away from your basement.  And then you will have a dry basement.

Don’t tell everyone, this will be our secret.  You learned it here first!  Key words – Downhill and Path of Least Resistance; oh and Our Secret.

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