We are feeling rather flattered to say the least!

It seems as though our daily blog that so many of you end up reading was recognized today in a national modular home industry newsletter.  They happened to say, “Vermont Modular.…this is a must read by everyone in the modular industry.  Up to date, loaded with information, and plenty of pictures.”  It goes on from there but our heads are swollen enough for one day.  By the way, thank you for the kind words, they are appreciated.  Thanks!  Oh my!

Ok, back to building a house.  So far we have the floor deck all built, the bottom plates are laid-out and we know what studs and jack studs are.  We are ready to go.

  • R.O.Rough Openings are part of the lay-out process is knowing where the windows and doors go.  Be careful, you don’t want a window inside a closet and a bedroom without a door.  Every window and door has its basic size.  Most contemporary interior doors are 30” wide although they are often referred to as a “two six”  “2 – 6” door, or 2 feet six inches wide for a total of 30”.  That is the size of the door but not the size of the Rough Opening for the door.  Remember, that windows and doors have hinges and door jams, all of which must be accounted for.  So, the R.O. of a 30” door is more apt to be roughly 34” allowing enough room for installation.  When you buy windows and doors you buy the door size but when laying things out to be built you measure the R.O.
  • Depth of R.O. – when you buy a door or window you will always be asked, “…which is it, a 6 and 9 or a 4 and 9?”  What they are asking you is whether the wall is 4 9/16” thick or 6 9/16” thick.  So you might walk right up and say, “…I’d like a two-six door that’s 6 and 9.”  The lumber yard would instantly know what you want. But wait, there is one more thing…………………
  • Left or Right – Every door is either a Left-Hand door or a Right-Hand door.  And, it has nothing to do with your hands!  The question they will ask you is…… “is it right or left?” They are asking which way the door swings when you are opening it.  This is a rather crude way to figure it all out but it does work…….. – all doors swing on butt hinges so here is the rule…………., put your butt against the butt hinge, then which way does the door swing?  To the right; that’s a Right Hand Door.  To the left; that’s a Left Hand Door.  Yes, I know it’s a dumb rule but it works! 

btw, keep this rule our secret – we will both be famous.

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