The weak link in your home’s insulation and/or heat loss.

For months, no make that years, we have talked about a well-insulated home.  Those numerous discussions included Fiberglass, Cellulose, Foam, Blown in Fiberglass, and Rock Wool.  We invite you to go back and re-read some of the previous blog posts.

Today let’s take a look at the weakest point in insulating a home.  Remember that insulation is measured in “R-Values” or the amount of Resistance the insulation provides to heat escaping; that is Heat Loss.  When we are talking about insulation the entire point is to reduce Heat Loss.  The greater the resistance the less the heat loss but, well insulated walls and ceilings are not the weak links.  The weakest point in your homes Energy Consumption is the windows.

The efficiency of a window is measures in “U-Values.”  A U-Value is a number that measures the amount of heat that moves through the window.  The lower the window’s U-Value the better the window performs.  The Vermont Energy Code calls for windows with a U-Value of U-0.30 or better.  A better performing window is one with a lower U-Value because the window allows LESS HEAT to move through the glass.  A quality built home in Vermont typically will have windows that have a U-Value of U-0.25.  A U-0.25 window is a “high performance” window.

All homes from Vermont Modular are delivered with windows with a U-Value of U-0.21 that far exceeds the high performance window.  All of our windows are comprised of sTHREE PANES of glass, not two.

We are proud to include high performance products throughout the home to make it more energy efficient.  Your windows will greatly contribute to a high performance home.

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