What are you standing on?

Would you like your home to really stand out as an exciting home?  Well of course you would!  We suggest you start in the kitchen then go on to the bathrooms and then the floor coverings.  For the past couple days we’ve talked about kitchens and bathrooms; today let’s look at what you are standing on; who knows it just might be your "Magid Carpet"

Do you know that decades ago virtually every home was built with Hard Wood floors whether it was oak, cherry, maple, or whatever.  Then because it was the “correct thing” to do all of the hardwoods were covered up with beautiful carpet.  The ‘50’s and ‘60’s saw Plush Carpet and then on into the ‘70’s came shag carpets.  Who remembers the Shag Rugs?  Personally I thought they were awful even when they were popular.  The ‘70’s had Shag Rugs, Avocado appliances, and bell bottom trousers; put all that together;  YUCK!

Fortunately today we have refined our tastes and the options for floorcoverings are beautiful.  Of course there is still Hardwood Floors and actually this is still the most popular; unfortunately it is probably the most expensive.  Hardwoods come in a variety of species and from all corners of the world.  And of course there is still carpet although Shag is not around.  Carpet comes in a huge variety of materials, colors, quality, and costs.

In addition to Hardwoods are the Laminate floorings.  These are all faux manufactured wood floors that are extremely cost effective and since it is all faux they can be manufactured to look identical to anything whether it is wood, stone, ceramic, or literally anything.  I’ve seen American Chestnut which is an extinct species. 

Ceramic tile is very popular especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Since the floors in your home are such a huge part of the house it is fair to say their impact is equally large.  In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, the floorcoverings are what makes a home really stand out.

Take your time selecting what’s right for you and then just love your new home.

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