What’s to do with the ceiling fan? Up or down?

Oh how I vividly remember sitting near the ceiling fan in the summer with its fantastic cool breeze.  Those were the day!  Lean back, put your feet up, sip on a glass of ___?___ and enjoy the gentle breeze from the fan in all of summer’s glory.  Remember that?

Well……….., should you mistakenly flick the switch and on goes the fan, that gentle breeze of summer is now a cold draft and is all but nasty!  When it is 85 or more degrees the air movement from the fan is a lovely breeze.  When it’s 69 or worse degrees that same breeze turns into the nastiest of cold drafts making it time for another sweater or a blanket just to stay warm. 

The obvious thing to do is turn the dumb fan OFF and avoid the draft!

Wait a minute, not so fast with the ceiling fan on/off switch!

During the summer months the switch should have the fan gently blowing air downward creating a cooling summer breeze.  Typically ceiling fans have three speeds ranging from gentle summer breeze to a mild hurricane.  All of the speeds create a summer breeze and we love it!

During the winter months the ceiling fan has another great use but it must be switched to its “winter mode” where the fan pushes the air upwards against the ceiling.  With the fan pointing upward it pushes the warm air to the edges of the room and down the walls and thus creates a circular pattern of moving air.  Since the air movement is indirect it is all but not noticeable. And it tends to keep rooms warmer as it moves the warm air at the top of the room.

Granted each ceiling fan operates differently but usually there is a switch up on the fan that needs to be moved from summer to winter.  Some of the fans are all controlled by a remote.  We don’t know exactly how your fan operates but we suggest you use it during the winter to keep rooms warmer and reduce your Energy Consumption.

This great tip will cost you nothing!  Wow, are we good!

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