Those of you that follow our blog know that the central theme of most of our blogs is energy; or, better said how to not waste energy.

Remember the huge hole in the floor just underneath the tub/shower?  That’s a huge source of Cold Air Penetration.  We’ve talked about other things also such as Pathways where warm air is pushed upward by the introduction of much more dense cold air entering in the basement, that upward movement of air drags heat and energy with it. 

We neglected to mention another significant factor in Heat Loss and that is wind.

There are places in Vermont where the wind is a significant factor in daily lives.  Those of us that live in The Champlain Valley know that the wind typically comes from either the south or the north depending on a multitude of meteorological factors.  If the wind is coming from the south then the southern side of the house is The Windward side and the other side or North side is The Leeward side.

When the wind blows it creates pressures on the surface of the building and drives airflow from the windward side of the house to the leeward side of the house.  So, windows and doors on the Windward side of the house need to be tightly sealed.  Wait a minute!  When the wind changes directions the windward side becomes the leeward side.  Obviously it is necessary to have all the windows and doors properly sealed.

Wind creates greater pressures on the windward side and significantly lower pressures on the leeward side.  Those pressure differentials will rob your home of heat.

All of the various aspects of properly building you home are exacerbated greatly by the wind.  As Cold Air Penetrates into your home it robs you of heat and energy.  The wind intensifies the effect of Cold Air Penetration by creating greater and lesser pressures.

There is another whole topic about how to seal windows and doors.  And, yet another topic to discuss about which kind of windows work the best in windy situations.

And you thought it was all just simple.  See why you need a properly built home!

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