Window replacement as an upgrade

Sorry I missed several days’ of Blog Posts, but we have been all over everywhere in the past few days; it started with a one day business trip up to Portland Maine and then a job site visit to Killington and here it is Wednesday.

So, back to winterizing your home for the winter; let’s take a good look at replacing the windows in your home as a method of conserving energy, reducing Heat Loss, saving money, and doing something right for the environment.

  1. Conserving Energy – Yes, if you replace your antiquated single pane windows with Energy Efficient windows you will conserve energy.
  2. Reduce Heat Loss – again, YES, if you replace the windows with a modern energy efficient window you will cut back on Heat Loss.
  3. Saving Money – this is where it gets tough.  Yes your monthly energy bill will go down but the amount of money you will pay out to reap those savings simply does not warrant the expense.
  4. Environment – again, it is not an easy quick answer.  The amount of energy consumed in the manufacturing of the windows is probably greater that what you will save.  Therefore, are you emitting fewer Green House Gasses be consuming less energy at your home when you factor in the emissions coming from Manufacturing.  The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us that 21% of all greenhouse gasses come from Industry - “….emissions from certain chemical reactions necessary to produce goods from raw materials.”  Residential emissions account for 12% of the greenhouse gasses. 

As you can see replacing residential windows to reduce energy consumption basically doesn’t make sense.  Don’t confuse this with the installation of highly efficient windows in brand new homes.  There the windows and their energy efficiency is very important; primarily because nothing is being replaced.

As you look at the efficiency of windows please remember that the efficiency is measured in U-Values as compared to R-Values for structural walls.  Tomorrow we will look at U-Values and see how an understanding is so important. 

Stay tuned, don’t touch that dial, and don’t go away.  (no one says that any more.  Right?)

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