Winterizing – Attic Insulation

Winterizing – Attic Insulation

Let’s go up into the attic today and consider; ……… what is the best type of insulation to use “up there.”

Trying to simplify the situation I am going to reduce the whole topic of attic insulation into TWO types, yup only two types of attic insulation.

First there is the “Batt Insulation” type that comes in pre-cut strips or in long lengths.  Batt insulation (usually made of Fiberglass) is meant to be installed between the ceiling rafters whether they be 16” on center or 24” on center.  The Batts are put in place and are meant to fill the void between the rafters.

Second there is the “Blown In” type of insulation.  Blown in insulation can either be Cellulose or Fiberglass.  This is where there is one guy up in the attic, he plays fireman and shoots the small-chunks of either fiberglass or cellulose so that it covers the attic.  Typically Cellulose and blown in Fiberglass have the same-ish insulating values per inch, usually between R-3 and R-4 per inch.

Usually blown in insulation is favored over batts because it fills and covers all of the tiny cracks and crevices that are part of The Path that heat travels out of the house.  If you stop The Cold Air Penetration and greatly restrict the Path of Heat Loss you will have accomplished a lot.

Good luck and enjoy the warmth this winter.


Joke of the day………………

Question:  What is the richest kind of air?

Answer:  A millionaire.

Ha ha.

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