Winterizing – Huge hole in the ceiling

Winterizing – Huge hole in the ceiling

Just in case you didn’t notice it was really cold this morning!  As I write this it is the middle of the afternoon and the high temperature for today is a whopping 6 degrees in Shelburne.  Yes, you read that right – SIX DEGREES.  Egad, it was 70 just the other day.

Today is a good day to check out the huge hole you just might have in the ceiling.  Walk around, probably in a hall way upstairs or maybe in the master bedroom closet.  Do you feel a cold blast of cold air?

If the answer is yes, look up and you will probably be looking at the “fold-up stairs” that go to the attic.  Many times, if not all the time these stairs are never insulated as they go up into the attic.

This then creates a perfect Path for Heat Loss.  Not only is there a huge amount of warm air moving upward into the attic there is cold air falling out of the attic; that falling cold air is what you feel as you walk down the hall way.  That cold air is contributing greatly to your Heat Loss.

All this is something we have talked about before – the attic access panel.  Whether it is an un-insulated or poorly insulated panel or as we mention today the folding stairs, this access point into the unheated attic can be very problematic. 

Starting today I thought it might be fun to share a smile or two.  The following funny has nothing to do with homes, energy conversation, or all sorts of serious stuff.  With the cold I thought it might be fun to just smile.  So………………….

Question:  Why did the bank robber wash his clothes before he ran off with the loot?

Answer:  So he could make a clean getaway.  

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