Winterizing your home!

It seems as though local print media along with TV and radio are all broadcasting information about how you should proceed to make your home more energy efficient.  All this as winter slowly creeps up on us.

Over the next couple weeks or months we will make an effort to show you those things that are easy, effective and cheap.  We will also point out those helpful things that despite being helpful make absolutely no sense.

For example:  it seems as though everyone is trying to sell you new energy efficient windows.  Honestly we think that replacing the windows in your home is a huge waste of money.  Granted, there are exceptions.  If the windows in your home are old and the wood portions of the window sash are actually rotting away then you are probably going to need new windows.  However, the window salesman will go on and on about new windows.  Even today’s most energy efficient windows are the Weak Link in your home’s building envelope.  The amount of heat lost through modern high performing glass is huge!  If you replace your poor performing windows with brand new double or triple pane windows it will take you the better part of ten years to recover your investment.  We think that does not warrant the investment.  It is so very easy to spend upwards of $10,000 to replace all the windows in a “typical home.”  If you foolishly think you will save $10k in two, three, four, or even five years you are simply not estimating correctly.

Don’t misunderstand; Vermont Modular proudly installs the most technologically advanced Triple Pane windows in every new home.  We do that because it makes sense financially and for the sake of our environment.  The difference is that the increased cost for Triple Pane windows as compared to good double pane windows is much closer to $2,000 because that is an “up-charge” for better quality.  Whereas replacing old windows carries the full cost of everything and does not represent a sound financial investment. 

There is a huge difference between installing windows in a new home as compared to replacing windows in an older home.

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