Work continues on the garage.

Yesterday we looked at work on the site-built garage and today you can see from the photograph work is progressing nicely.

The guys are out back installing the siding on both the house and the garage.  This particular homeowner chose to install stained Cedar Siding

Take a look at the garage and you will see that the roof sheathing has been installed and the True Architectural Shingles.  Yesterday’s photograph showed the side of the garage with the big doors for the cars, this picture shows the backside of the building and if you look carefully you will see a small piece of the Mud Room that connects the garage to the main house.

Yes, the main house is a modular home from Vermont Modular.  This spectacular home with an expansive wall of glass takes in an incredible view of The Mountains in Vermont. 

Also, look carefully at the picture and you will see a Green material on the side of the building.  That is a special type of House Wrap that is installed on the Sheathing and behind The Siding.

This garage was built using conventional building techniques, virtually identical to the techniques used inside the plant when the house is built.  This garage was built in less than one week so its exposure to the harsh elements of weather is severely limited.  A typical house can take months to build onsite.

Each house and its pieces and parts are always custom and each is different than the others.  For example: this garage was finished on the inside; it was insulated and then sheetrock was installed.  Not all garages are finished.  Many stay as a shell only to protect the car inside.

Normally it is advised to have the siding and the roof shingles all come from the same supplier so that the colors match identically.  In this case the Cedar Siding was purchased locally whereas the shingles came with the modular home.

Every home is 100% Custom Built as are the porches, decks, patios, and garages.

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