YES, we are keeping score to see what to do with the winter blog

Just yesterday I did a blog about Winterizing you home.  My question is quite simple, should we do a version 2.01 of our Winterizing you home blog for this year? 

During the fall and into the winter of 2015 we had a lengthy series about winterizing your home with the hope of reducing Heat Loss. 

Don’t forget that the emphasis will be on effective things that are CHEAP.  If you are looking to spend a lot of money to accomplish a little savings then our blog might not the right one for you.  But just increase you want to accomplish a lot and not break the bank then we might be able to help.

The item up for discussion is…………….., should we do this again?  Or would you rather see the Vermont Modular Blog go on to something else?  The entire blog thing is to be of interest to you.  We need your input!

YES – do the winterizing thing again.

NO – go on and do something else.

NO – go do something else and this is my idea ____________________.

Send us an email so we know what you’d like.

By the way………….., this afternoon while we talk about winterizing your home it is 90 degrees outside.  Do you see something wrong with this picture?

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