Advice for this week.

If you check the weather report for the upcoming week you will see that we are in for a cold snap!

Let’s face it, so far this winter seems fairly mild; there hasn’t been much snow and it hasn’t been that cold.  The upcoming week is predicted to have single digit temperatures at night and never getting above freezing during the day.

Aren’t you thrilled that you’ve done so much to help with the Heat Loss in your home!  Of course there is still time to quickly help the battle against the cold.

So here are a few of our favorite important spots.  We are going to emphasize that you work to cut down on Cold Air Penetration; it will accomplish the most.

  • The huge hole in the floor!  Remember the hole under the tub?  Unless you have fixed it, that hole is still there allowing huge amounts of cold air into your home.  Check back in our blogs and read more about the tub.
  • The Floor Drain.  Most of you have the drain in the floor, that’s the one you never use.  The other end, the end you can’t see, is out there in the cold and allows an enormous amount of cold air to penetrate.  This is a super easy fix.
  • Basement windows and doors.  Have you gone around and sealed up the basement windows and doors?  Don’t get carried away but it is fairly easy to tell if there’s cold air coming in.  Between caulk and putty, it is easy to seal off those opening.  This also is a quick easy fix.
  • Go buy a can of foam – the use of foam can only help seal off those cracks and crevices where the cold air is coming in.  The foam is cheap and does a fantastic job.
  • Chimney Effect – all of the items in today’s blog are things that will hopefully cut down on The Chimney Effect by stopping the Cold Air Penetration.

There you have it, some quick, easy, and cheap ways to get through winter’s cold so that you can be warm and cozy in your home.

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