Again, trending styles that are in, out, or gone

Yesterday we took a look at Subway Tiles and how popular they have always been but especially now.  (we’d love to hear if you have decided to install subway tiles in your home, let us know!)

Not all popular items remain popular. And today we’d like to mention an idea that has been quite well liked but is rapidly going the way of the Dodo Bird and that would be the very cool little “towel bar” that is in your shower unit.

It seems the majority of Fiberglass and/or Acrylic Shower Stall manufacturers are eliminating the towel bar as too many people were using it as a Handi Cap Grab bar and the towel bar is too weak and evidently has broken or ruined the shower or much worse let someone slip and fall.  Despite it being a popular item, it could be a dangerous feature.  That potential danger is more than enough to have it eliminated.

We strongly suggest that every new home have built into the walls support for a legitimate Handicap Grab bar.  It may not be necessary to install Grab Bars now but wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to know that built into the wall behind the shower there is lumber blocking already installed (you can’t see it). 

The blocking is there so that in a year or two or ten, it is easy and strong enough for lag bolts to be inserted that will strongly hold grab bars. 

We suggest these go in behind showers, tub/showers, and next to toilets.  In today’s photograph you are looking at a home from Vermont Modular Homes as it is being built in the factory.  You are looking at the framing lumber, Roxul Insulation, and blocking that will allow lag bolts to be installed.  Ok, this blocking isn’t for grab bars but rather to hold up a heavy wall mounted TV but the concept is identical.  And, blocking was installed in the bathrooms.

Since your new home will be 100% Custom Built even tiny details like the blocking will be taken care of for you.

What good ideas do you have for your new home?  Call us at (802) 985-5855 and let us know so we can share with everyone.

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